Wicker furniture set for Outdoor Decoration

wicker sofa furniture with stylish glass tops designs

Whenever we think about outdoor decoration the only furniture comes to our mind is wicker furniture set because it is known to be the best type of furniture for decorating patios, sunrooms and backyards.
Wicker furniture is woven either by the machine or manually so it is very distinctive in terms of design, layout and feature. There are small crevices inside the furniture which may catch dust and dirt easily. If you are thinking of buying wicker furniture you must ensure that you are comfortable with the fabric itself because the set requires you to do cleaning on regular basis. You need to take care of it or else it would end up losing its beauty and appearance very sooner than you have expected.
If you have a backyard patio which you want to transform into a functional and useful place for the family then there must be some seating options available. For years, the interior designers have used wicker for outdoor decoration because it lends a tropical style appeal to the ordinary places. The furniture is also very affordable itself, you don’ t need to have several or thousands of dollars to make a purchase. You need just few hundred dollars to buy a wonderful wicker set in the patio to enhance its beauty and makeover.
As depicted above wicker is a kind of material which is very porous, it acts like a magnet to dust particles. If you are living in a high traffic area there is a chance that your furniture will get more dusty and dirty than usual. All you need to do is the garden hose, soap and foam to clean the furniture. Soak the extra water by using an dry towel. You must clean it every week to maintain its beauty. Though furniture is designed to deal with harsh weather elements but the fabric can soak water and catch dust easily, it requires more cleaning compared to normal furniture. In case of rain if you don’t move your furniture indoor then it will drench in water completely and then you may have to keep it outside in sunlight to get fully dry. To protect it from water and harsh weather elements you can install one big shade in form of umbrella or parasol over the furniture. The umbrella shade won’t let the water to reach the fabric of wicker furniture and it will stay dry even it’s storm outside.
If you don’t like porous furniture at all, you can buy synthetic wicker furniture it is less porous because it is woven manually by men. The material is also durable and there are no crevices for the dust and dirt particles to hide. It can stay in a good condition a lot longer than the ordinary set. Though it might be big costlier than the standard set but it offers good returns on investment because it is easy to maintain and easy to clean. You just need to clean the surface that’s it and it will look like new.

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