Velvet Sofa Brings Royal Touch to a Space

luxury black sofa with black vintage trim velvet material

Velvet sofa has rich history and British royal elegance, therefore homeowners who need Royal touch in their room décor consider it. Leather is mainly the first choice when it comes to choosing your sofa fabric. But it doesn’t mean that you need to stick with leather all the time when you have a chance to enhance your room’s beauty with velvet furniture.

Different Types of Velvet Sofa

When you think about adding this fabric in your living room furniture then you can go with many different styles available in the market.

Crushed Velvet living room Sofa

Plain velvet definitely seems like a charming material but when you don’t mind adding more charm into your furniture then you should go with crushed velvet sofa designs. This velvet comes with beautiful creases and this features make  overall look your living room furniture simply stunning.

Vintage Sofa with velvet

This is indeed one of the most popular design that everyone loves to grab. The price of vintage style sofa is usually higher than sectional and regular sofa. It is due to the fact that such sofa comes with vintage gold or silver trim upholstered, this features make them very special and attractive for a living room.

Velvet Sectional Sofa Designs

Leather sectional sofa are quite common but if you need a bit of extra-ordinary style in your room, you love to grab velvet sectional. They bring an aesthetic appeal along with comfy touch. You can go with single or double color velvet depending on your color preferences.

Regular Sofa

As you know this is a normal kind of sofa, that you can keep not only in your living room but also in other room. A regular 3 or 2-seater sofa can be designed with velvet. When it comes to color selection, you should go with cream velvet and purple velvet sofas as they look simply adorable and quite trendy all the time. But you don’t need to stick with these sofa when you like to adore a space with your favorite color.

Design Sofa with your Favorite Colors

You can customize your sofa color and designs. I have unlocked different design option above, now it’s your choice whether you need contemporary, vintage or crushed touch. You need to be very careful while selecting color of your sofa. This color should be really promising. The best colors are cream,gray, green, purple, red, violet, etc.

Set Colorful Cushions with Sofa

In case you have regular sofa or vintage style then you can amplify grace of your sofa with cushions. For example, if you have purple velvet sofa then you should go with teal soft cushions. This color combination is quite attractive. You don’t need cushions with sectionals as they are super comfortable.

Where to Set this Sofa?

You can set this kind of sofa not only in your living room but also in country bedroom next to your traditional bed. Even you can add luxury touch to your modern dining room by setting a vintage style sofa at the corner. Other best places to keep this kind of sofa are sunroom, home office and library. Actually, you can set it at a place where you need a bit glam and royal touch.

vintage velvet sofa designs purple velvet sectional living room sofa with glass coffee table purple velvet living room sofa with cushions teal velvet color regular sofa with black velvet cushion printed velvet country theme sofa designs red regular sofa with velvet fabric for traditional living room sectional red sofa velevt theme with fancy cushions red velvet design sofa upholstery mustard regular sofa velvet them for antique style living room blue vintage style purple sofa velvet material blue velvet design sofa with fancy cushions and white coffee ta luxury black sofa with black vintage trim velvet material jade green design of curvy sofa made of velvet blue cushion sofa velvet designs blue crushed velevt design sofa for living room country theme gray silver velvet anitque design vintage luxury sofa elegant living room decor with blue velvet sofa and winged chair8

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