30 Hot Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas for Bedroom, Wall and Fireplace

valentines day decoration red heart wall background

The 14th February is approaching soon, so it is indeed right time to start exploring some great Valentine’s day decoration ideas for bedroom, wall, fireplace and some other areas of your home. No doubt, this date is quite important for lovers who want to make the most from this special day.

valentines day ribbon decor

When it comes celebration of love, everyone likes to do something exciting and lovely. Valentine’s Day is indeed special, so it is always suggested to do its decoration in a special way. Today, I am here to share some ideas which you can apply easily. You don’t need to worry about money as it doesn’t cost you much. I am going to share very romantic bedroom decoration ideas for Valentine’s day first. Every idea is unique and indeed heart-touching. Before you start exploring these ideas, I would like to highlight some points for your guidance.

Valentine’s Day Decoration ideas for Bedroom

You definitely want to make love on this “special day”, so you have to pay close attention to the beauty of your bedroom. It is always good to keep things simple yet eye-catching. Here are some points which let you do this decor in a right and chic way.

Use Rose Petals with White Sheets

White and red are two prominent colors for overall decoration on Valentine’s day. Red is a color of passionate love that you always want to get on this special day. So, what you can easily do is to grab some petals and make a beautiful heart with red petals on the white bedsheet. Indeed, it is a fascinating idea and looks very attractive.

Wine Glass and Valentine’s Day Gift on Bed

You are going to celebrate, so what you don’t have to miss is Champagne and wine glass. Lovers like to presents some special gifts on Valentine’s day as gifts beef up your love and passion to a great extent. That’s mean two more things that you can add to your Valentine’s Day decoration for bedroom are wine and special gifts.

Candles Add Romantic Touch to Valentine’s Day Bed Decor

In case you want to grab a really romantic touch to your overall decoration then it could be possible with candles. Glass candles looks amazing but if possible you should grab some red and white candles. Again the idea is to stick with the theme since both colors look simply fantastic.  Place candles on side tables and keep your room’s tube light dim just to grab a mesmerizing kind of experience in your bedroom.

XOXO and Love You Signs Balloons

If you want to deviate from simple kind of Valentine’s Day then it is also possible, all you have to get Happy Valentine’s Day Balloons with love messages. Instead of sticking with red balloons, you should prefer some other colors as well since you want to get love and fun side by side from your overall special love day room decor. Pink, red, blue, sky blue , etc seems like the best options. You can fix these balloons with your bed with tape.

Valentine’s Day Special Love Cushions

These days, bedroom decor on 14th February has become quite easy as you can find tons of lovely products -especially designed for this day. Among them, you would be able to find cushions with love messages such as xoxo, love you, kiss me, hugg me, etc kinds. What your main task is to grab some beautiful cushions and place them on your bedsheet. It is always good to keep your bedsheet color white, so it can make perfect combinations with other colors especially red.

Let’s Explore Amazing Photos of Valentines Day Decoration for Bedroom

home decoration valentines day valentines day decorations for bedroom red white cushions valentines day decoration red heart wall background connecting heart on bedroom decoration for valentines day red heart made with flowers valentines day lover decor valentines day love decor red white cushions valentines day bedroom decor with red heart valentines day red cushions red heart rose petals designs valentines day love decor lovers day dove made with red heart flowers gifts champagne celebration valentines day valentines day heart balloons decor for bedroom red heart decoration for valentines day beautiful bedroom decor ideas with flowers red heart on bedroom decoration for valentines day gift and champagne decor for valentines day

Valentine’s Day Decoration for Fireplace and Wall

People who believe in true love, consider 14th February a very special day. They want to decorate every corner of their home not only their bedroom. If it is a case with you as well, then I am here to unlock some really simple yet beautiful ideas of home decor for valentines day. I am sure you would love to follow these ideas.

valentines day home decor wall decor love


It is common to sea flowers in vases, what is not common is to see connected red-pink heart. Use a cardboard and make red hearts. Set heart board alongside walls and hangs some hearts with thread strings on your vase.vases made with red flowers


Hang red hearts on wall with red and white ribbon seems like another fantastic ideas for Valentines day wall decor.red heart for valentines day wall decoration

If you don’t mind DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration Approach then use common pins and red thread just to knit a beautiful red heart on a white cardboard. red heart diy designs for wall decor valentines day

Lovers usually say “Be Mine” on Valentine’s Day, so don’t miss it in your overall decoration for love day. Hang red heart from Fireplace mantel and use beautiful red candles with white candle stands. be mine decoration for fireplace mentals


You must set a “Love Vase” alongside your wall. Use Pink roses for adoring the beauty of your natural vase.
valentines day vase home decor ideas roses pink

Pink and red can add beautiful charm on your white classy fireplace mental. Use pink roses with pinkish red Love Decor items.valentines day flowers decor with love

In case you want to play with colors then use colorful Love Signs on your Fireplace Mentalvalentines day fireplace decor with love signs

Make Romantic “Love Tree” with white red flower alongside of a fireplace. Mantel decoration can be done with red roses and hearts.valentines day mental decor with heart and flower

Use Red-pink heart XOXO signs with Be-Mine Message for Fireplace Mantel decoration on Valentine’s Day
valentines day fireplace mental decoration with red and pink heart message


If you have bedroom on first floor then spread red carpet or simple red paper on stairs. Use white marker and right some “Romantic Valentine’s Day messages” on every step. valentines day love message on every stair idea

Don’t forget to Set some lovely red pink heart and love cushions on a single sofa

love cushions for living room decor valentines day

I have shared 30 amazing Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for bedroom, living room, wall, and fireplace. My only intention to help all those lovers who want to celebrate this love day in a super amazing manner. If you love someone then you should express your love in the best possible way. No doubt, every day is special for lovers but Valentine’s day is the most special day, so try to celebrate it in every possible manner. Decorate your home in an extra-ordinary lovely manner by following these ideas. I would like to know your thoughts about these ideas. What idea you like to copy? If you have some suggestion for love day decoration then feel free to share it with me.

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