Teenage Girl Bedroom Decorating Tips

Purple wall paint and elegant white teen girl bedroom furniture

One serious mistake that you can do is to embark on decorating your teenage girl’s bedroom without her knowledge. It is important to note that unlike all the other rooms, your teenage girl considers her bedroom her personal space and has very strong feelings about anything that goes on in that space. It is therefore highly recommended that you have a chat with your teen girl with the aim of ascertaining her personality and preferences.

Teenage girl bedroom decorating requires that you ascertain whether or not your teenage girl is an ultra feminine girl. Pink should be the predominant colours in case she turns out to be one. Settle for light green and neutral colours in case she turns out to be a girl who loves antiques and classic items. Your teenage girl may turn out to be mature than her age in which case muted gold and deep red colours should be the predominant colours in her bedroom. Go for a mixture of pink and blue colours when decorating should your girl turn out to be a fun-loving and outgoing girl.

You may need to consider the following teenage girl bedroom decorating tips when planning to decorate your teen girl’s bedroom.

  • Your little girl will want colours in her room to represent her own style and personality, let her pick the colours she is comfortable with.
  • Always develop a decoration theme with your teenage girl in order to come up with a theme that best suits her preference.
  • Your  girl will always want to make a statement in her bedroom’s decoration, let her have her way.
  • Remain prepared to re-decorate your  girl’s bedroom frequently since her mind and taste about existing decoration in her bedroom is most likely to change after a few months.

One of the most important tips for girls bedroom decor is to remain alive to the fact that teenage girls are never comfortable with plain walls. Consider making use of floral rugs as focal points on the walls. You may also consider having wall decorations in form of patterns. Note also that decorating your teenage girl’s bedroom is not limited to colour and patterns on the walls; it also extends to their beddings and furniture in her bedroom.

Purple and white closet and matching bed set for teen girl bedroom decoration


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