16 Ideas of Decorating Teenage Bedrooms with Style

purple pink and white bedroom decoration for teen girl bedroom

Decorating teenage bedrooms can be a very a challenging and very tricky affair. It however gives you a very good opportunity to understand and bond with your teen kids. It is certain that your children are no longer children once they come of age and decorating their bedrooms requires that you work together as a team in arriving at the best decorations that fit their taste and preference. It is therefore a good idea to involve them in decorating their bedrooms in such a way that the final decoration reflects their personality.

Of all factors, colour is probably the most important factors you need to consider when planning decorating bedrooms for your teenagers. Allow them to choose wall paint colour depending on their gender. You will be surprised by the different colours your teenage girls and boys will pick. This is very natural since the colours your teenage girls will choose will turn out to be very different from those chosen by your teenage boys.

There are different types of teenage bedroom furniture sets in the market that you need to buy as part of decorating your teenage bedrooms. Like with colour, you need to work as a team with your teenage girls and boys in choosing the best sets. Teenage bedroom sets are usually made up of a bed, a headstand, a dresser with a mirror, a chair and table. Your teenage boy(s) may need a separate work station from where they can craft their things. You need to let your teenagers chose furniture in colour and style that they are comfortable with.

Choosing the right bedding is a very creative way of decorating bedrooms for teenage girls and boys. Since these are their own personal beddings, it’s always a good idea to let them choose the designs and colours that they prefer.

Decorative accessories are appropriate for all bedrooms teenage bedrooms included. Decorative accessories wrap up appearance of any room and giving your teenage girls and boys the opportunity to choose their preferred accessories allows them to choose those that represent their personality.

It is also suggested to pay close attention to wallpaper and wall paint. Vibrant wall paints are usually recommended as they enhance work energy in kids. You must have to avoid boring and light colors as they are best for master bedroom decoration but certainly not good for teen room decoration.

Choose the best paint colors for teen boy room and girl room. You definitely can not choose the same color for boy and girl as both like different colors. And some colors are associated only with boys and girls. Such as blue for boy and pink for girls. But these days, girls love to prefer purple bedroom over pink. What you need to do is to get suggestion from your boy and girl, before you take any decision of wall paint.

You should involve your teens in overall room decoration. Ask them what kind of furniture sets they want to see in their rooms. Traditional bed set looks good but bunk beds seems like a great idea when you want to set same room for your teenagers.

16 Inspirational Teenage Bedrooms Design ideas

Now you have got complete idea how to decorate teen bedrooms in a beautiful manner.The next step is to grab some bedroom decor and design inspirations.

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