Small in Ground Swimming Pool Designs for Small Spaces

Having a small space in your compound should not deter you from having a small in ground swimming pool. There are simply many small in ground swimming pool designs for small spaces that you need to consider with the aim of choosing one that best serves your swimming pool need.

One of the greatest small in ground swimming pool designs for small spaces you need to consider when creating a small in ground swimming pool in your small space is to create spool. Commonly referred to as Cocktail Pool, a spool is basically a small swimming pool that can be as small as 12 ft wide by 14 ft long.

Some decoration around the area can bring a new spirit to the outdoor. I usually invest in tens of long bamboo shoots that blossom without conditions, almost in all weathers and conditions. Some big vases with different plants or herbs are also suitable to give a natural appeal to the pool area. Since you will also be basking the sun in the area, it has to be naturally pleasant with a lot of oxygen, if you can afford to buy some floral wines and flowers, this will also be great.


The small space does not have to be fixed for the pool only, it should have space for some furniture arrangements as well. Some nice waterfalls can be a good condition, just in case you guys take breakfast outside few days in a week or attend guests outdoor to feel fresh. The sound of water will be pleasant to your ears and would make for an eco-friendly retreat.

Modern style Swimming pool design and decor ideas

The area is littered with huge trees, fresh flowers and different species of plans everywhere. Well you can immediate this style if you have got a very big plan to work on, but this is usually possible when you live far away near the farm sites or cities. The more plot you have the better landscaping will be. Just keep in mind that all types of modern and traditional pool settings are completed with the herbs.

Swimming pool unique shapes and designs

Swimming pool with furniture ideas

You also have the option of creating a round in ground pool instead of one with a rectangle shape. A round in ground swimming pool no doubt takes up very minimal space. Even so, you need to create it in such a way that it turns out to be your ideal outdoor space.

Square shape in ground swimming pool layout

Latest design ideas of in ground swimming pool for small spaces

Beautiful in ground swimming pool installation and setting

The fact that you have a small space on which you have created a small in ground swimming pool does not in any way mean that you cannot have small patio round the pool. You can indeed create a small patio for relaxing round the pool, which no doubt transforms your pool in a great way.

Set in ground swimming pool with unique decor ideas

Beautiful in ground swimming pool installation and setting

Swimming pool decoration and design tips

Having a small space in your backyard should not hinder you from having a small in ground pool in which you can undertake various water activities. You only need to be imaginative to create a pool that will best serve your interest and that of your family members.

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