14 Fascinating Purple Living room Furniture Designs Ideas

purple velvet living room sofa decor with pink cushion red rug orange coffee table

If you thinking of setting Purple living room furniture then you are definitely making a right choice. purple theme is simply amazing and vibrant. You can enhance your living room aesthetics and appeal with this color. When it comes to furniture selection, then you have to consider many different designs and styles. I would like to unlock details of these designs along with some pictures. My only intention is to make overall theme setting very comfortable for you.

Modern Purple Living Room Furniture

If your plan is to set contemporary theme in your living room, then you need chic style of furniture. The best option available in the market is purple sectional sofas. You can find L-shaped, C-shaped, semi-circular and other shapes of sectionals. You need this sofa along with a beautiful coffee table which could be matching or contrast color ottoman table, glass table or wooden one.

If you don’t need sectionals for theme setting, another option is available in the form of simple purple sofas. English sofa or 2 or 3 seating sofa could be your best choice.  Go for plain purple sofa and adore its beauty with cushions. When it comes to cushions, you can either make a color contrast or simply play with family colors. For example, dark purple sofa with violet cushions would look simply adorable.

Vintage /Classic/ Country Purple Living Room Designs

Traditional look can only be attained with classic styles sofas.You can opt for leather English sofa in dark purple shade and set matching ottomans. Another option is to get fabric sofa and use contrasted cushions on it. The main idea is to grab classic appeal and look.

Purple Luxury Living room

This is another style which you love to grab. One thing that you need to know at this point is that cost of this furniture is usually higher than traditional and modern. This is why it is named as luxury room as it would have furniture with luxury and royal designs. Usually accent chairs , tufted ottomans, ottoman coffee table, upholstered sofa furniture is used to grab this kind of appeal in a living room. Winged back purple chair with golden, blue, black or other nice color trims are very common furniture choices.  Sometimes, one area of living room is set with luxury sofa while other side of it is adored with round purple table with four winged back chairs. This is a sort of luxury purple dining areas in your living room. If you do decoration in this way, then your room would look simply eye-catching.

Purple Living room Furniture Designs

Now decide whether you need classic, modern or luxury theme in your living room. Once you make a decision, then next step is to choose furniture according to your theme. Sofa selection is your main point but definitely you have to choose coffee table, side table, ottoman, chairs and extra seating with great care.Let’s have a look at beautiful designs available in the market.

traditional living room with purple furniture and bookcase purplen living room furniture decor with artistic wall painting black fl leather purple living room sofa designs purple living room sofa with matching pop ceiling decor purple english sofa with fancy cushions for country living room purple velvet living room sofa decor with pink cushion red rug orange coffee table purple traditional sofa designs furniture for living room purple couch in living room with black floor lamp purple luxury accent chair furniture designs for living room purple and white living room sectional furniture decor with matching wall paint luxury purple living room furniture made of fabric purple accent chair designs ideas for living room purple and white living room furniture with matching rug and indoor plant decor

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