13 Pink Baby Nursery Ideas for Baby Girls

pink styling wall decor for girl room

Many parents are curious to reveal the gender of their unborn baby and I guess there is nothing wrong with it, at least it allows you to make some essential preparations ahead of time. Both of you would be very busy when your little one will finally arrive in this world, who knows who’ll have time to clean the mess lying outside the garden area and who will take care of the stuff that is not needed in home anymore.  The important thing is keeping one room ready for the newly born baby so that good memories can be weaved right away his or her arrival in home.  I am sure you have already read so many pink baby nursery ideas before but you are still feeling somewhat confused as how to execute the plans you have crafted in your mind, just to help you out of this stressful state, here I am with few inspirations and illustrations.

Pink Cribs and Cushions

I have seen it many times and I really do not like it that mothers often cross their boundaries set by interior decorators when it comes to decorating the room for newly born little girl. In this age, she does not need to have additional accessories such as make up toys, everything pink and every wall painted with pink or girly animated characters. Give yourself a break. Buy some cool pink cribs for the pram and some cushions that have cute animations or arts.

Paintings and frames

Little girls feel very attracted towards cartoons and colorful objects. Find some cool paintings out there in the market and place these accessories on the shelves of the nursery room. Including baby’s photo is also regarded as an important step in many pink baby nursery ideas of all time. You can buy beautiful paintings and other art items online at a reasonable price, all you have to do is to search.

Wall stickers and curtains

If you do not have much money to spend on expensive textured paints you can instead buy some vinyl wall stickers for pink baby nursery. The polka dot is still in fashion, find curtains in a soft pink hue and adorn them to cover the windows of the nursery to stop heat from coming into the room. Try to get wall stickers with little butterflies designs on it as it enhance the beauty factor of a room. Colorful butterflies on wall seems really amazing and you also know that a newborn baby always feels great attraction towards colors. So, this simply means that you are going to make your sweetie room very attractive for her.

There is more you can do, you can buy pink toys, pink table mats and towels, pink dresses, pink bed liners, and pink sofa (ideally of leather), you will need a seat to feed the kid so it has to be there in the nursery where you will spend most of your time after childbirth. I hope you have enjoyed these pink baby nursery ideas.

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