Investing in black furniture living room furniture can transform the look and feel of the room in a very positive way. This is because black furniture brings into the room that chic and classic look associated with modern living rooms. Going black is also an obvious way of making a strong personal statement. Although that classic in the living room, choosing the right paint colours for the walls can be a challenge. Below are just some of the best paint colours for living room with black furniture.

Gray – Most homeowners with black furniture in their living rooms do resort to using white paint colour on the walls. Although this is a good idea, white is not the best. Using white paint colour leads to a very dramatic contrast that affects look and feel of the room. One of the best paint colours to use on the walls is gray that makes the room very elegant. You will also need to consider making use of the best wall accessories to give the room some sense of life.

Light blue – This is no doubt one of the best paint colours for living room with black furniture. Black furniture no doubt produces that strong masculine look, which you need to soften and the easiest way you can do that is to use light blue paint colour on the walls. The contrast produced allows your black furniture to stand out.

Warm paint colour shades – You can make your living room with black furniture inviting by simply using any warm paint colour shade on the walls. Restrict yourself to such paint colour shades as butter yellow, peach yellow and lilac.

White Wall paint– when you want to get a stunning black and white living room touch then it will be possible if you spread white on wall and use black living room furniture sets. In case you don’t mind remodeling then black and white tiles looks really amazing in this scenario.

Red Paint for Graphic Touch-Another color that is quite unusual but still can help your living room stands out from other spaces is red. You can add cherry or pinkish red colors on wall, when you don’t want to get blood red shade on your walls. This seems like a stunning paint idea that would change overall look of your space.

Lime or Lemon for Brightness: In case you are not ready to add very dark colors on walls, since you have already picked black as furniture then you should opt for soothing shades such as lemon and lime. This wall paint color enhances overall beauty of an area. Good thing is that you can add some brightness factors to your living room with these shades.

These are no doubt the best paint colours for living room with black furniture you can use to make your living room look classic, inviting and habitable. It is also important to note that use of appropriate wall accessories and appropriate living room lighting fixtures is very necessary.

13 Best Paint Colours for Living room with Black Furniture

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