Outdoor Fireplace Kit Buying Guide

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One great way of transforming functionality of your backyard is by investing in a quality outdoor fireplace kit. Whether you choose to build it in your backyard patio or in open space, buying a kit makes your backyard outdoor warm and inviting, making the space around the best place to be to share memories with both family members and friends. Outdoor fireplace kits are available as interlocking pieces that you only need to assemble as a DIY project, which you can complete in less than one hour without the need to use either mortar or glue.

Designed to provide for sufficient warmth and the ambiance they provide, installing an outdoor fireplaces at your backyard transforms it into a cozy place you can use to extend the time you spend outdoors even during winter.

There are different types of outdoor fireplaces whose kits are readily available. Choosing the right type of kit for your backyard can be a serious challenge considering the many options available to you. You have to make a decision on type, size and design you prefer before setting out to shop for a kit. It is therefore important that you acquaint yourself with types of fireplaces available, design and size. Below are some of the most important issues you need to take into account when planning to buy an outdoor fireplace kit.


Where to install an outdoor fireplace in your home is your own decision. You may choose to install it at your backyard, around the front area or on either side of the house. Even as you made that decision, you need to remain alive to the fact that your local authority (in case your home is in an urban area) has building codes that you must adhere to. You need to ascertain local regulations that relate to installation of outdoor fireplaces. It is also important to take such factors as wind direction and privacy into consideration when planning to install a fireplace outdoors.

Material of Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Outdoor fireplace kits are available in different styles depending on type of material used in their manufacture. There are kits of brick, stone, decorative concrete and veneer among other materials. It is always a good idea to choose a kit in a style that either matches or contrasts that of the house.

Seating Options

Installing an outdoor fireplace raises the need to make a decision on seating arrangement. It is beneficial to invest in quality outdoor furniture that will serve you best. The number of seats to buy should be informed by number of family members. You may also need to make provision for a guest or guests who may visit.

Wood Storage

It considers how you will store your firewood in case you opt to buy an outdoor fireplace kit that requires use of firewood as source of energy. This is important because you will always need to make use of dry firewood. You need to consider constructing an outdoor firewood storage shed or investing in a rack with enough capacity to hold amount of firewood available.

The benefit of buying an outdoor fireplace kit lies in the fact that you do not need to engage the service of a professional to install one for you. You can easily buy and install one on your own. You have the option of buying a traditional, modern, Mediterranean or Southwestern style of kit.

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