12 Terrific Modern Fireplace Mantels for Modern Rooms

modern room fireplace designs

What’s the purpose of modern fireplace mantels while we can use many other counterparts to get the heat such as electric heater and gas heater? The answer is beauty. To give your home and room a new twist and a new boost, you must have one fireplace mantel with shelf installed in the corner, in the middle or somewhere near the window area so that the heat can spread in the room.

Normally we put logs into the grate where they burn and produce plenty of heat to make the room warm and cozy, but if you need extra warmth, you can close the doors. Mind that mantels do produce carbon monoxide so they must be installed in places where there is proper air and oxygen so that you can breathe well.

Today you will find several extraordinary designs of modern fireplace mantels; they are made with white materials, faux wood, simple wood, bricks, and stones. It’s up to you what you choose to use for the construction of the mantel surround because the structure is very much designed according to the theme of the room. If you are using white theme with nice curtains, white wooden doors, and white tiles, you should not get any colors such as black or dark brown tiled mantel surround installed in the area because it would create a very disturbing outlook. Instead you can have white modern fireplace mantels installed that have surrounds in white shades- it can be cerement white material or simple white tile, it’s all up to your budget and choice.

You can have some one or two additional shelves with the fireplace surrounds just in case you are looking to decor the area with the flowers, paintings and sculptures or anything that can add to the beauty of the room.  When choosing for a fireplace mantel, make sure to choose a material that is not combustible because wood is not safe for homes where kids live and play, there are other material options for you such as tiles and marbles.

If you want to decorate your modern fireplace with great style then you can place mirror with modern frame. The color of frame is completely dependent on theme of your bedroom or living room. If theme is black or white then definitely you have to use this color frame for matching the decoration in the best manner. Rectangular shape mirror seems like the best option though you can change this shape to get a unique touch to wall. Your mirror frame should have contemporary appeal, it simply means that you have to avoid antique or intricate design frames.

Another way to decorate your modern fireplace mantels is to use some art paintings. A big wide painting on wall can be set and it offer aesthetic appeal to a room. You can go for abstract art painting or simply anything which add sense of beauty to a room.

You have got some really amazing ideas about making your modern fireplace simply chic. If you have some more ideas feel free to share them with me.

12 Beautiful and Amazing Designs of Modern Fireplace Mantels

abstract art wall paintings for decoration of contemporary fireplace

best brick wall design for modern fireplace black and grey tiles for wall decor of modern fireplace

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