12 Best Ideas for Master Bedroom Floor Plans

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There are simply many master bedroom floor plans. They range from plans for master bedrooms with bed and wardrobe all in one room to plans for master bedrooms with separate bedroom, walk-in closets and sitting area. Generally, floor plans for master bedrooms provide for three main areas; a bedroom, bathroom and closet.

There are floor plans for master bedrooms that provide for direct entry into the bedroom. These plans turn out to be the most popular because they allow for efficient use of available space. The only undoing of these plans is that one is obligated to return to the bedroom when and after accessing the closet, which disturbs the other person who may still be sleeping.

Some of the most popular master bedroom floor plans are those that provide for direct entry into a vestibule before accessing a door leading to the bedroom. The plans provide for another door leading to the bath. In such plans, wardrobes are housed in the bedroom with the dressing table located within the vestibule.

The other floor plan that has emerged of late is where a walk-in closet, vanity, bath, shower and toilet are all housed in the bedroom. This plan fits very large master bedrooms and is only appropriate where showering is a regular practice and bathing as a relaxation activity.

There are two important things to consider regardless of which master bedroom floor plans suits you. You need to position doors in the room in such a way that they work perfectly well with your master bedroom furniture. Consider installing double doors when space and functionality allow.

The other important thing you need to consider is where you will undertake such activities as grooming and hair drying. You may need to create a special location for such activities. Such a location can be in the bedroom, in the dressing room or bathroom.

Before you make master bedroom floor plans, you must have clear idea about your requirements. It is good to make a list of all items you want to see in your master bedroom. Ask your partner what he/she must require in bedroom. The main items are dresser, closets, side tables, etc. If you have enough space then you can definitely add some more items like a couch or two luxury chair with a simple table.

Once you have got complete idea about your main requirements, the next step is to know about exact measurement of your bedroom. In a floor plan, you have to decide where you have to set your bed, dresser, closet and other similar items. If you don’t know how to do exact setting, then it is better to take idea from Master bedroom pictures. A close look at these pictures would make it quite clear for you what to set where. One important thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t need master bedroom furniture sets clutter in your bedroom.Keep your complete setting simple and come with clear and neat Master bedroom floor plans.

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