Master Bath Floor Plans

Guide to master bathroom floor sketch

Your master bath is no doubt a very important room in your home and you need to explore as many master bath floor plans with the aim of identifying the best that you are sure will serve you well.

One thing that sets master baths apart from other baths is the fact that they have distinct designs and are in most cases located adjacent to master bedrooms. Even though there are many master bath floor plans, they generally fall into three categories.

The first category is the small master bath floor plan. This can be 9ft by 5ft floor space in which a toilet and tub-shower can be installed with some little space left as vanity. This floor plan will serve you perfectly well in case you have a small family. The advantage in creating small master bath lies in reduced expenses considering that plumbing fixtures are not only minimal but are also fixed on one wall.

Of all master bath floor plans, standard bath floor plan is the most popular. You can have a standard master bath floor designed in different ways because of available ample space. The ideal plan is to have plumbing fixtures fixed on two opposite walls. Vanity and toilet should preferably be located on one side with the shower and tub on the other side. You choose to have a double sink or double vanity and one sink. Not that choosing to have double vanity provides you with enough counter space that you can use for storage.

Master bathroom often have more space than other bathroom of your home. So, this big space allow you to add bathtub for relaxing bath and double vanity for comfortable experience. In your floor plan, you should try to add all those items such as vanities, toilet seats, bath tub, storage space, etc which are a must in bathroom and without which you don’t consider your bath space a comfortable one.

The third and last category of master bath floor plans is the large bath floor plan whose size can be 10 ft by 12ft or a little bit more. The ideal plan is to have the bathtub under a window. Settle for double vanity to provide for ample room. You may choose to create a doorless shower within. No doubt, the beauty of doorless shower is stunning. You might have found this kind of bathroom in luxury apartment. You may also choose to have the toilet located in its own room for privacy.

Your complete floor plan is dependent on available area. Try to make the most from available space. It simply means that you need to design the best Master bath floor plans that comprises of almost everything that you want to see in your bath space. I am going to highlight some great plans below. You have to take a close look at each plan just to grab an idea what plan suits to your own space. I am sure you would be able to create the best plan for your home, after exploring all these plans.


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