Latest Designs of Tin Ceiling tiles Ideal for Installation

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Use of tin ceiling tiles was traditionally very common in Japan in 1970s for home decorations and functional ceilings. It was until 1800s when their use was introduced in America and such other regions as Europe. his de
Their use became very popular in Europe and America as homeowners sought ways of making their rooms sophisticated. It did not take long before ceiling tiles became part and parcel of interior design. Not only were they designed to be lightweight and fireproof but also durable.

Classy golden ceiling with long pendants lights

This design can virtually fit in all types of interiors, whether you have a country style home or a modern style home it will add some kind of sparkle and shine in it.

classy golden tin ceiling

The purple circles in plum ceiling, good for home or studio bars


Stunning plum tin ceiling tiles for a bar



Antique Tin ceiling tiles designs ideas




Romantic environment of hotel is created with brown ceiling tiles, fancy lights and black furniture


The rustic copper design with dials type pattern and ceiling lights for the clubs.



Decorative lights and ceiling tiles make bar room adorable

The popularity of tin ceiling tiles increased between 1839 and 1901 (Victorian era) when production of tin-plate was at its peak. This was the time when many metal companies in the USA set up manufacturing plants along railroads, which helped a great deal in transporting finished tiles to different parts of USA and the world.

The most beautiful and sophisticated white pattern for good interior.

Elegant white faux tin ceiling tiles with simple chandelier

Contrast of golden and lime green. The motive style with leaves.
Green and golden tin ceiling tiles



The curvy ridges style in which one pattern is completed with four tiles. The interior decor turns out to be more sophisticated when there is a use of light colors in the walls and the ceilings and the use of dark on the curtains and bedding. The contrasts can bring out a sleek and sober look in the entire environment, making it more comfortable for living.

Silver and Grey perfect tile design for your room ceiling

Blue and golden ceiling tiles made of tin


The Victorian theme o red and rustic gold with one main dial in the center.



red and golden ceiling tiles designs

The period after 1930s saw use of ceiling tiles made of tin become unpopular. Although they were beneficial in different ways, most homeowners found them no longer useful as decorative elements in their rooms. However, the beginning of 21st century saw an increased use of ceiling tiles made of tin as homeowners came to appreciate the fact that these tiles do not only serve as decorative elements in rooms but are important in other ways as well. Interior designers have also played a very important role popularizing tin ceilings once again.

It’s just another design with chains hanging out of it.

Faux Tin Ceiling tiles with inverted lights



The slate gray tin tiles for homes.
Durable tin ceiling tiles with chandelier in a room

Turquoise and Grey ceiling tiles designs

Black tin ceiling tiles installation in a black and skin bathroom


Classy wooden tin tiles for complicated interiors.



Classy designs of ceiling tiles for hotel use

The brown biscuit tin tiles with a floral style ceiling fan with the light.
Black tin ceiling tiles installation in a black and skin bathroom

Unlike tin ceiling tiles of the past, modern ceiling tiles made of tin are hand painted. In any case, some are made of aluminum. Their design also differs to suit different taste, functionality and functionality. They are also available in different sizes including 1 X 2 inches, 24 X 24 inches and 24 X 48 inches ceiling tiles among other sizes. Installing these tiles has also been made very simple since some of them are designed to interlock, meaning that they can be screwed directly into drywalls or plaster ceilings.

It all is a matter of time that new designs emerge on the market everyday because the demands of floral patterns and dials have been increasing with the changing taste in interior. The love for rustic themes seems to be eternal because home owners love to live in an environment which is embellished with old style decor but contain all the latest and up to date accessories for the sake of comfort.


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