Introduction to Doorless Showers

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Introduction to Doorless Showers

Green and white doorless shower for bathroom design ideas

A trend that has emerged of late is one where homeowners and resident property developers create showers in their properties. Commonly referred to as walk-in showers, these are not new. They have existed in one form or another.

Doorless ones are noting but showers without any doors or curtains. They are simply designed not to have doors. One reason why these showers are becoming very popular is the fact that they are multi-functional. You can indeed use your door as a walkway during the day and as a shower when you need to.

To cut down on budget during construction and on overall interior, simple showers are considered the best installation because you just need to walk in and walk out. There can be one simple piece or shield of glass installed right beside the vanity itself.

white and brown bathroom with doorless shower and bathtub

The vanity and the bath area are separated by using one door which is in the middle. The partition is not only economical but also very rational. Also there are some ceiling lights to create the classiness.

Tile flooring

It’s a very simple interior idea. One and half door  covering the entire area and creating two different sections for ease and comfort. The tiles are installed in the bath area whereas cute floral wallpapers are added to the rest of the place.

Beige bathroom shower and classic bath tub design ideas

Because of their doorless design, these showers create an open and spacious feeling. The fact that they lack doors creates the impression that the bathroom is bigger when that may not be the case. You need not forget the fact that accessing a shower without door is as easy as walking into a spacious room. Furthermore, these showers provide for that modern look and feel, creating impression of a spa.

This one is my favorite combination, you can see how beautifully the contrast is made by adding some beige to the combination. The sets are white for the sake of grace and sophistication.

Green and white doorless shower for bathroom design ideas

Muticolor tile flooring for bathroom decoration

Dark black bathroom with doorless shower ideas

You need to consider whether or not a doorless shower is the right shower for you or not depending on the number of family members. This is because there are several possible disadvantages one of which is lack of privacy. Lack of privacy may mean that only one person can be in the bathroom at a time. There is also high possibility of water splashing from the shower into the bathroom. Doorless forms of show also tend to be very chilly, which makes it necessary to install a heating device to make it hospitable.

It’s very conventional but very admirable to have the tiled match with the color in the railing. When there is limited budget in hand, you can do something like this to save money and get the perfect classy bath.

Double shower doorless ideas

Beige bathroom tiles with wooden bathroom vanity and simple shower

Brown-skin bathroom tile with silver bathroom shower ideas

Grey-white tile flooring, floral decor and doorless shower in modern bathroom

Should you think of creating a shower without door, it is important that you create it in a corner for space efficiency. It is also important that you make use of appropriate tiles on the floor, non-slippery tiles. It is also necessary that you make your shower as habitable as possible.


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