How to Create a Great Baby Nursery! Step by Step Guide

great baby nursery decor with white cabinets
great baby nursery decor with white cabinets

great baby nursery decor with white cabinets

If you are expecting a new child you may have plenty of ways to decorate baby nursery since you will be having a lot of free time to plan and design a separate room.

Here is a brief to-do-list on how to create a baby nursery on budget:

  1. Go out and get a theme for your baby. The theme should be chosen according to the gender of the baby, if it is girl you will need to implement a theme with pink, orange and purple colors in baby nursery, if it’s going to be a boy, you needn’t to use a lot of sharp colors, use some shades from the family of blue instead.
  2. Baby nursery bedding and baby nursery crib come in one piece; first decide whether or not you want to have a baby nursery with canopy because the hood should be covered over the bed in only winter season. In other seasons, your child will need plenty of fresh air to inhale.
  3. Use some soothing tiles instead of dark tiles as they can very harsh in environment, when we say that blue is a good theme it does not mean everything in the room needs to be blue- there must be some other shades such as white, beige and skin.

Some extra tips:

The trends for interior changes from time and time and most often these are set by the professional designers so your best bet is to browse the work of top experts and drive some new ideas after reviewing what they are doing.

Don’t stick with the same idea. I know that pink is the major color which is in use for the decor of baby girls but now it’s an old color when it comes to curtains and wall printing. I believe that the contrast always works better for a smooth interior decor. Don’t make a space overdone by using the same, old ideas, you need to try something unique- order for the blue or purple curtains if the walls are printed in baby fuchsia color and buy a nice magenta crib set.

It is a big hassle to buy a bedding with extra sheets and mattress. Doing so it costly as well. Now a days, some designers are offering nice bedding set for both baby girls and boys- they come in a complete piece such as mattress, pillows and all the accessories. Just buy couple of pieces to save your time.

Last but not the least, it’s just too much of overdoing to arrange tables in the baby room.  He/she won’t start reading or studying right from the first day, so keep these decoration for the later days. The simpler the decor is the neat the nursery will look.


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