11 False Ceiling Decorating Ideas You Must Know

False ceiling decorating ideas abound all over. These decorating ideas are no doubt useful considering that your false ceiling needs equal treatment that you give to walls in your rooms. Below are just a few of ideas that you can use in making your false ceiling and all your rooms look better.

  • Greenery – Why not consider making your false ceiling lively by decorating it with green twigs or leaves that are nicely arranged. This idea particularly applies during such special seasons such as Christmas season.

Living room with gray black wall decor and ceiling design

Wood false ceiling design ideas for living room with white sofa set

  • Snowflakes – Hanging snowflakes on your false ceiling can be a very effective way of decorating it. Like greenery, snowflakes are very appropriate during special seasons and they have magical and appealing quality in them that transforms a room in a very unique way.

Kitchen colorful table, white cabinets and yellow colored false ceiling

  • Crystals – Using crystal is one of the most effective false ceiling decorating ideas you need to consider. Hanging crystals from the ceiling can be very magical since they add rainbows in your rooms as they receive light. The lighting has gone through a metamorphosis over the years and the market is full with many varies. For all, you might need underground wiring done in the first place. So decide beforehand where you want crystal chandeliers to be installed, since they are expensive, you need to buy two or three only. For the rest of the ceiling, opt for small, fancy lighting that uses low-voltage bulbs, of course you really don’t want to break the bank by installing heavy duty lights everywhere.

Stylish living room sofa set and dining set with false pop ceiling

Living room stylish decor with lining orange sofa set and tray ceiling with lights

  • Ornaments – Ornaments are valuable decorative items that you can use to decorate your false ceiling with. They are available in different sizes, shapes and design.
  • This one is also called compact. It has got some scones with the black cover which are fitted over the red sofa set- what a contrast.  The kitchen sink and the breakfast nook is right on the right side and it has been designed with the light shade, which is good. There shouldn’t be extra light and extra dark anywhere in the area since your ultimate motive to achieve the harmony in the space.

Black and white classy ceiling and wall decor for living room with red furniture set

Metal white ceiling design ideas for kitchen decor

  • Lighting – Lighting is no doubt necessary in any room. You however need to go for decorative lighting when you need to decorate your false ceiling. Each and every lighting fixture you choose should serve as decorative element on the ceiling to make a room appealing.

Kitchen colorful table, white cabinets and yellow colored false ceiling

This is not a country style setting though you can see its touch somewhere. Notice that the low hanging globes with the lighting are very different in shape as compared to ones you have already seen above.

Metal false ceiling design ideas for kitchen with white cabinets

These are certainly just a few false ceiling decorating ideas you can use to transform the look and appearance of your ceiling and a whole room. Two things are however important when planning to decorate your false ceiling; quality and position. It is very important that you invest in high quality decorative items that will serve you for a long time. You also need to consider locations on the ceiling where you install such decorative items.

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