Different Types of Bathroom Shower Doors

small bathroom shower glass door designs

New bathroom shower doors are not only practical but also an economical way of refreshing your bathroom. Even though a curtain may be just enough to prevent water from splashing onto bathroom floor, installing a shower provides for water-tight sealing against the same. Bathroom shower doors come in different configurations, sizes and styles.

Choosing the right type of bathroom shower door depends on style and size of your bathroom opening. The following are the main types of bathroom shower designs you may choose from.

Bypass doors – Commonly referred to as sliding doors, these doors take up very little space. They feature three panels designed to slide past each other along top and bottom tracks. Choose this type of bathroom shower door in case your bathroom opening is wide enough. They are best suited for showers located at corners.Homeowners pick this kind of doors for their small bathroom decoration. You can save enough space by their installation.

Round doors – Round bathroom shower doors are designed to open inwards. They are therefore best suited for cornet stand alone showers. They turn out to be very stable and easy to operate since they attach at the top and bottom. The fact that they are curved also makes the shower spacious.

Neo-Angle doors – These are designed for neo-angle showers that are in most cases located at corners. They take up very little space and you can install one to open toward the right and left.

Pivot doors – Commonly referred to as swing-open doors, these doors are designed to open toward the outside of a shower from a one side only. They are suited for corner showers with small openings, opening that bypass doors cannot fit in. These doors are not only suitable for installation on showers with small openings; you can install one on a shower with a large opening so long as it is designed to have two or three fixed panels.

Now you have got complete idea about different types of shower door. Next important thing that you have to keep in mind that is that you have to choose very high quality of doors. There are some great bathroom designs with doorless showers, as well.

Framed or Frameless Shower Doors

You not only have to decide about a particular door for your bathroom shower but there is another decision you have to make. Doors are attached with shower with or without frames. Frames of doors are usually made of aluminium and composite material. Framed doors comes with a wide variety of finishes. They have a track that not only collects water but also use required to do proper cleaning of a door.

Though framed doors looks stunning but frameless shower doors offer modern appeal to a space. It is quite easy to clean then and they want less care and maintenance from your part. In a contemporary bathroom design, you usually see frameless doors because they offer clear look. Normally, they are considered good for small bathroom.

You also have to choose type and finish of your shower doors. Mostly people opt for clear glass shower because it let light pass through it and looks great. But definitely you can pick another finish and style based on your likes and preference.

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