10 Container Homes for Your New Home Plan

container homes designs with pictures

Did you ever think about container homes? If not then you might like to start thinking about this home after exploring 10 amazing design ideas. We all usually dream of normal big luxury home but when you don’t mind thinking about something different , then one idea appeals you. This is nothing but turning a shipping container into home sweet home.

container homes designs with pictures


Unique Style of Home Away from Home

Sometimes, you want to live alone. You want to spend your life away from hustle and bustle of normal life. In such case you should plan a home away from your home. You are able to add as many things as you want in this home. You can build this home with one simple ground or double story. What you must need in it is a bedroom where you can feel relaxation. You can adore it in many different ways. If you don’t mind spending money on container home interior then you should need a comfortable mattress along with sectional or simple sofa set. Another things that you require is proper lighting.

How to Decorate  Container Homes

As you are going to turn a shipping container into your home then you already have some walls with paints. It’s completely your choice whether or not change its paint. When it comes to door then glass door seems to be a perfect choice. You need glass doors when you want to sit in your living room and to enjoy greenery of your garden.

Interior decor of this kind of home just like normal home decor, but you should try to keep things pretty simple. It means that you don’t need to stuff this home. All you have to do is to adore it in the best possible way.Wooden living room furniture sets is indeed a good choice. When it comes to bedroom decor then you can simply get a mattress and get rest. As far as kitchen is concerned, you need a small one.

Lighting Fixtures plays a vital role in overall decor of your home. You don’t need very fancy lights. This means you should not get chandelier. However, it is good to get some accent type ceiling lights that adds some mesmerizing effect into your overall decoration.

Outdoor decor of your Container homes is as important as indoor. It is good to keep some plants close to your door and walkway area. Below you can find some ideas where outdoor space of shipping container house is made beautiful simply with patio furniture and some other items.

Adding a dining room into your home is your personal choice, though it is not need. A table of two or four close to your small kitchen seems like a good idea. However, when you are going to set up double story home, you can arrange many different rooms.

Decoration of  Small bathroom should be done in a classy way. Your main idea is to add everything which you like to see in your normal home. Addition of bath tub is indeed a good decision that you would like to take only when you have big space for bathroom.

Let’s Check Some Cool Container Homes Ideas

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