14 Amazing College Student Bedroom Decoration Ideas

green and wooden college student bedroom decor and design

One serious challenge that mot college freshers do encounter is a bare bedroom with cold walls and concrete floor. Many reside in such bedrooms without realizing that those rooms hold decoration potential. You need not limit yourself to such a bedroom. You can transform the look and feel of your college student bedroom by simply being creative. You can indeed transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat from where you can not only relax but undertake some of your private studies as well.

One of the most important things you need to look into is paint colour. It pays to consider your student bedroom as an extension of regular classroom or lecture hall. Paint the walls in paint colour or colours that encourage reading. Go for bright colours that lift your spirit. Never paint your student bedroom in dull or dark paint colour. You will simply spent most of your time out of your bedroom yet it turns out to be your second home.

Decorating your college bedroom is not limited to looking at paint colour. Because storage is that important, you need to look at the kind of storage facilities you use. It is important that you choose storage facilities that also serve to decorate your college student bedroom. The colour of your storage facilities in particular need to match with wall paint colour(s) to make your bedroom more habitable and welcoming.

One great way to decorate your college student bedroom is to carefully choose your beddings. Choose beddings in colours that blend in well with wall paint colour(s) and that of furniture and everything else in the bedroom. You may also need to make use of appropriate accessories to give your bedroom that authentic home feeling.

You also need to pay close attention to college student bedroom’s curtains. If you have decided an overall theme for room, then it is good to stick with theme. You can do window treatments with simple plain curtains. Don’t go for fancy curtains as they give very formal or somehow awkward touch to room; and this is what you don’t want. it’s good to do matching of curtains with bedding. In this way, it is quite easy for you to grab neat and very perfect appearance.

Furniture for college student bedroom should be picked in a careful manner. If you don’t have adequate space then you can get a single bed with matching dresser and two-door closet. When a room is shared by two students, so you can place two single beds side by side. Another good space saving option is to go for bunk beds or twin beds as they capture normal space but offer great comfort to its users. You also need to pay attention to overall storage of room. If possible install some shelves, so students can set books or other necessary items on it.

Let’s Have a look at 14 College Student Bedroom Design ideas

These ideas are not restricted to student bedrooms in institutions. You can also decorate your bedroom at home in the same way just to make it fun and enjoyable to read in.


purple theme for college girl bedroom decoration green and white bed with pink closet paint for college girl room college girl bedroom purple wall paint and cabinets college boys bedroom blue bedsheet and closet college boys bedroom decor with two single beds blue wall paint with white bedroom furniture for students two single beds for simple decor of college student room college boy bedroom theme wooden and green furniture sets college girl bedroom theme pink and purple wall and furniture red and black bunk beds and sofa for college bedroom carpet flooring with wooden furniture for college students metal white bed with curtains for college college students two single beds with wallpapers simple decoration ideas for college student bedroom

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