Factors to Consider When Shopping for Ceiling Fans with Lights for Modern Home Interior Decor

Use of ceiling fans is fast becoming very popular across the world. This popularity is directly attributed to ceiling fan manufacturers who now design highly functional fans that provide for cooling and heating. There are also ceiling fans that provide for lighting of the area below. However, you cannot simply invest in any ceiling fan you come across. There are several factors you need to consider when shopping for ceiling fans with lights for modern home interior decor.

Location – You need to decide where you will install the fan. This can be in one or several of your rooms, in a porch or patio.

The center of room is not always the best location. If the decoration is meant for your daughter or son, you might want to ask her or him where they want to place there bedding sets and how all the furniture would be arranged in it. Sometimes, they need an additional fan installation in the same area for its being vast. You always need some lightening in the middle of the room, so here is the smallest sized fan which has it for your needs.

Bedroom decoration with wooden flooring and ceiling fans lights fixtures

I must say it’s a nice and very compact design, the white is all-time famous and the light in the center is making the whole unit sleeker than its counterparts.

White simple and elegant flower style ceiling fan design ideas

Fan size – You need to shop for a fan orfans of the right size depending on size of room you intend to install the fan in. Most common fan sizes are 36-inch, 48-inch and 52-inch fans.

Wooden flooring with accent gray wall and stylish light fan

You will not see many designs like this because it has got an antique, classy feel to it. It has got multiple lights as well so it’s best for luxurious interior.

Golden stylish ceiling fans for black living room

Ceiling height – This is a very important factor to consider when planning to install ceiling fans with lights for modern home interior décor. The ceiling height should ideally be between eight and ten feet above ground level. You will need to make use of down roads to bring the fans down to appropriate height.

There is no need to install a central chandelier in the area since light of the fan is doing the same- brightening the room.

Kitchen decoration with ceiling fan with light fixture

Modern bedroom with metal bed cell, ceiling fans with lights and beige paint

Motor – It is important to buy a fan or fans with large die-cast motors. Such are the motors that will operate continuously for a long time.

It’s a fan aka chandelier- two-in-one, a great article for modern interior.

Simple white lights in ceiling fans for room decor

Bedroom with wooden furniture and ceiling fans with lights

Fan blade pitch – This is another important factor to take into account considering that length, pitch and speed of blades determine the amount of air a fan can move around in a room.

Four blades ceiling fans design with round light bulb

I have not seen anything this much intricate and luxurious in any variation of fans. Hope you like it for its uniqueness, design and above all the modernity.

Fancy ceiling fans with light fixture designs ideas

These are just some of the important factors you need to consider when shopping for ceiling fans with lights for modern home interior décor. You may also consider whether to invest in a wireless remote control or manually operated fan.


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