Building an Outdoor Fireplace Step by Step

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Building an outdoor fireplace at the most appropriate location can positively transform your home in a great way. You can choose to build it in your back patio or garden to have a place you can spend time in late evenings. You may also choose to build it in or near your front patio.

Building one requires that you decide on type of fireplace you want. You may choose to build a masonry fireplace that is mostly constructed using stones and bricks. You also have the option of installing a ready made fireplace that features fire boxes and metallic sheets. These types of fireplaces have accessories that you also have to consider. Such include pellet baskets, fire dogs, log boxes and fire guards among other accessories.

The first step to building your outdoor fireplace is excavating the area on which you intend to build the fireplace on. It is very important that you excavate several feet into the ground to allow for a solid footing considering that the fireplace will be a heavy structure. Consider placing rebar at intervals of at most 1” and concrete of at least 8” thick for a strong footing.

It is very necessary to give the base concrete enough time to cure before embarking to create the base and firebox. The ideal cure time should be at least 24 hours. Make use of 4” solid blocks to create the base. Such will be a strong footing and base on which you can build a fireplace of any size by using refractory cement and firebricks. All surfaces should be level in order to have an appealing fireplace.

Like with the footing, you need to allow the mortar that holds the firebox together to cure for at least 24 hours. It is only after this that you can start building the throat. This is the point at which the firebox starts to taper to be in line with size of flue liners. You need to employ a high level of technique at this point since the process (corbelling) involves overhanging bricks that step out against each other at every course.

Just like with the rest of your building processes, do allow for at least 24 hours for the throat to cure. Proceed to set the first liner on a bed of mortar before sliding a flue block above. You need to repeat this until you reach appropriate height.

The last part of building your outdoor fireplace involves bringing in the stones of a style of your choice. The stone veneer you use should ideally be of between 6”- 8” thick. This makes it possible for you to use stones of different shapes and sizes. It is important that you set every stone on a bed of mortar, which should also apply when setting other stones on top. You also need to fill in mortar on sides of every stone you set in order to have a strong fireplace that will serve you for long. Do make it a point to rake mortar at joints after between 1-3 hours and brushing to create smooth surface. You will need to set apart a long stone to use as lintel over the firebox. You may also choose to build an arch over the firebox if you so wish. You will have built outdoor fireplace you can always come to in order to increase amount of time you spend outdoors.

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