5 Benefits of Selecting Bathroom Wall Panels Over Tiles

wooden panels for bathroom flooring and walls with inground bathtubs white

Are you planning of bathroom remodeling? It’s time to consider bathroom wall panels instead of tiles. No doubt, tiles looks great but if you need modern and chic look then you should prefer panels over tiles. Style and beauty is not a single benefit that you grab from this installation, actually you grab five more benefits from this installation.

5 Benefits of Selecting Bathroom Wall Panels Over Tiles

It’s time to know what these benefits are.Check now.

1.Easy Installation, Immediate Setting

Tiles look amazing in your overall bathroom setting but their installation take much time. You can not use your bathroom until tiles get dried. When you need quick installation with no wait time then wall panels seems like a good choice. Its installation doesn’t take much time. Once installation is done, you don’t have to wait , you can use your bathroom immediately.

2.Easy Fitting of Bathroom Wall Cabinets and Mirror

If you have tiles installed in your bathroom , then it becomes a bit hard for you to perform other bathroom accessories fitting. Drilling is required usually to fit bathroom wall mirror and bathroom wall cabinets. It happens many times that tiles get damaged during drilling process. It means you have to face loss. As far as wall panels are concerned, they make fitting very simple and easy. You don’t have to face any kind of risk.

3.Waterproof Feature

This is indeed the best feature that comes along with wall panels. They are 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about mold- which normally affects your tile quality and age in an adverse manner. You might have to replace your tiles after some years but you don’t have to invest on bathroom wall panels again and again.

4. Low Cost of Installation

Cost of bathroom tiles is relatively lower than panels but you surely should consider cost of installation as well. You need specialist tools for bathroom wall tiles installations while simple wood working tools are need for panels installation. A worker definitely requires you to buy a laser level, so he can install tiles straight on the walls. This laser levels cost you a good amount of money. A standard spirit level is quite sufficient for right installation of panels and its cost is quite affordable. Now your task is compare complete cost of tiles Vs. cost of wall panels. This makes it sure that cost is somehow equal but you can enjoy more benefits from second option.

5.Easy to Clean and Permanent Finish

You definitely like to install wooden or plastic bathroom wall panels as they are super easy to clean. Just a piece of cloth is needed to wipe off dust and you get the beautiful  finish at the end. As far as tiles are concerned, you need to use special cleaning products which again cost you money. The finish and look of tiles don’t remain same over time.Tiles crack and chip and their colors also fade with the passage of time.

In short, you enjoy 5 main benefits when you install bathroom wall panels instead of wall tiles. The benefits are quite convincing. If you spend money on panels, you definitely make a right decision. What you say?

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