A Look at Bathroom Floor Plans

bathroom with laundry floor plans

There are varied bathroom floor plans you can consider when constructing or remodeling your house. Small bathroom floor plans happen to be the most common in homes with small families. A standard small bathroom floor plan measures 8ft by 5ft, which provides for 40 square feet floor space that accommodates a toilet, sink and tub. Although small, you can have a small cabinet installed on a wall for storage.

Perhaps the standard bathroom floor plan is the most popular of all bathroom floor plans. Standard bathrooms generally measure 9ft by 71/2ft, which provides for 67 square feet of floor space. This space gives you a number of options. You can have a double sink, a large shower, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet and a toilet. This bathroom plan best suits not-so-small families. It is not only spacious and airy but also inexpensive to create. You can indeed have a flash door installed between the toilet area and shower/sink area for privacy.

Having a big family definitely calls for the need to have a master bathroom for your own use. Master bathroom floor plans generally measure 10ft by 10ft, which provides for 100 square feet of floor space. This is big space that you can have designed in different ways considering that you are able to have a bathtub and shower stall installed, not forgetting such other facilities as sinks and large cabinets for storage. You can indeed have the bathroom divided by narrow walls so that each facility has its own private space.

There are simply many bathroom floor plans that you can consider. It all depends on size of the house, how small or large your family is and your preference. Regardless of a bathroom floor plan you choose, the common rule that applies is not to locate the toilet directly to the door so that it remains visible when the door is opened. It is really important thing that you should consider while drafting any plan.

Before you create any plan for your own bathroom, you should have complete idea of available space. If you have

I am going to give you a chance to explore many different bathroom floor plans. You need to take a close look at all different plans. If you review these plans then you would be able to get complete understanding of your own bathroom floor plan and thus you can create a wonderful plan for your own space. Sometimes, it happens that you create a plan but when you check other plans, you find something which is good and complimentary. Therefore, it is good to explore different plans not only to get the best ideas but also to find some ideas which you can’t afford to miss.

Let’s check the best bathroom floor plans. Whether you want a bathroom with shower or without shower, you would definitely have a plan in hand. Just check how you can add bath tub, simple sink, bath vanities and other things in an arrange manner in your small or big bathroom. Check now.

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