What are Different Types of Balcony Railings ?

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When it comes to decor and design, you have to explore many different balcony railings options. In this article, you would explore best types of railings.

Balcony turns out to be the best place at home where you can rest, read or have a family activity so long as its size allows. A critical feature of balconies is the railing, which serves to secure a balcony, making it possible for you or a family member to undertake any activity without the risk of falling over. Apart from security, you really need to chooser railing carefully; the appropriate railing should be strong, secure and appealing. You can indeed make your balcony lively by simply choosing railings of the right color and design of which you have different options.

Wooden Railings

Wood is used in a wide range of applications including for making balcony railings. Installing wooden railings on your balcony can positively transform your balcony in a great way. You only need to choose wooden railings in a design that matches the design your house. The most ideal wooden railings turn out to be those made of 2” x 2” wood. In addition to being affordable, this size of railing perfectly fits on any balcony.

Since wood is susceptible to weather elements and may not last long, it is always a good idea to choose wooden railings made of hard wood that is highly resistant to weather elements. You also have the option of choosing composite railing whose appearance is close to that of wood although it turns out to be expensive.

Vinyl & PVC Balcony Railings

Vinyl and PVC railings are the other option just in case you are not comfortable with wooden railing. However, your choice is limited in terms of color because these are mostly available in white even though it is possible to find them in different designs similar to wooden railing designs. Unlike wooden railings, both Vinyl and PVC railings require a high degree of maintenance.

Glass Railings

One great benefit of glass railings is the clear view that they provide from balconies. Glass railings are basically made of tempered glass or acrylic and feature steel, wood or aluminum frames. They are best suited for homes located near lakes, sea shores or attractive features.

Concrete Railings

Concrete railing turns out to be the sturdiest type of railing you can have installed on your balcony. It is also very affordable, durable and maintenance free compared with any other type of balcony railing. However, choosing concrete railing limits you in terms of designs.

Steel, Metallic & Aluminum Railings

Like with wooden railing, metallic and aluminum railings are some of the most popular balcony railings across the world. This is partly because they are not only strong and durable but are also very affordable. They are also available in different colors and design that suit houses and balconies of different designs.

Regardless of which type of balcony railings you choose, it is very important that it is of the right height. The best railing should provide for a clear view of your compound and be strong enough to prevent falls. It should also be in color and design that matches that of the house and balcony itself.

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