5 Best Balcony Planters Design Options

use pallet board for balcony planters

Your balcony no doubt offers you a good place where you can relax while having a good view of the exterior and the area beyond. It is also on your balcony where you can have family activities if space permits. It turns out those are not the only things you can do on your balcony. You can also turn your balcony into a beautiful and appealing balcony garden without necessarily having to remove balcony furniture. This you can do by making use of appropriate balcony planters.

There are different types of balcony planters available that you can use to plant varied plants that make your balcony a lively place. Choice of type to use largely depends on its own size and size of your balcony. The fact that your balcony has railing also creates more room for planting. You can indeed buy planters that you can easily hang on the railing. Below are some types of balcony planters you can invest in.

1.Box Balcony Planters

Box planters are traditionally made of wood and turn out to be some of the most popular planters. Depending in size and design, you can hang one or several on the balcony wall, on railing or simply place one or several on your balcony floor. It is important that you choose box planters with strong brackets in case you choose to hang them. The brackets should be strong enough to support weight of the box, soil the plant that you plan to grow. It is also important to choose box planters that feature water reservoir tray to hold drips of water.

2.Self-watering Planters

These are the latest addition to balcony planters. They turn out to be your best pick in case you are a frequent traveler since you will not need to worry about watering your plants. Self-watering planters are designed with built-in reservoir that holds water that plants draw on their own. They are available in different types and sizes that can be placed on balcony floor or hang on wall or railing.

3.Raised Planters

These are some of the best balcony planters you can settle for in case you need be using some space on your balcony floor. They are designed with legs that can be of any height and very ideal in case you wish to show off your garden plants. They often made of different materials in different colors and you only need to choose one or several in color and design that matches that of your balcony.

4.Deep Planters

Deep planters are in every similar to raised planters with one exception. While raised planters do not have a lot of features, deep planters have several features that make it possible for you to plant and grow plants that you may otherwise have thought impossible to grow on your balcony. They are traditionally designed in V-shape, making it possible for you to grow plants with shallow roots on the sides and deep-rooted plants at the center.

5.Greenhouse Planters

This is another latest addition to balcony planters. However, their use requires that you have a large-sized balcony that allows you to access a planter with ease. This is because they are designed to sit on a table equipped with removable greenhouse cover.

Regardless of which type of balcony planter you choose to buy, it is always a good idea to be aware of applicable local legislations and codes relating to balcony gardens.

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