4 Suitable Balcony Grill Types Designs Ideas

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Your balcony is one place where you can perform a number of activities including cooking, which makes it necessary to invest in a quality balcony grill, the type of equipment that cook food using heat from below. You have three options when it comes to buying the most suitable grill.

1.Gas Balcony Grill

This type of grill makes use of either natural gas (NG) or propane (LP) as fuel. A gas grill can be designed to have gas flame cook food directly or have the flame heat grill elements that produce heat for cooking. Gas grills are available in different sizes that suit homes and businesses. There are different variations of gas grills including cart, flattop and a type that features a smoker box used for holding wood among other types.

2.Infrared Grill

An infrared grill works on the same principle as gas grill. Although it also makes use of natural gas and propane as fuel, the heat produced first heats a ceramic tile that emits infrared radiation that cooks food. This type of grill produces very high temperature of up to 500 degrees centigrade, heat that is distributed evenly on cooking surface. One great benefit that infrared grills provide is the fact that they reduce pre-heat time and foods cooked using the grills turn out to be similar to foods cooked using charcoal grills.

3.Charcoal Grill for Balcony

This is probably the most popular and common type of grill you are most likely to come across. It makes use of charcoal briquettes or natural charcoal as source of fuel. Different variations of charcoal grills are available including squared, rounded and rectangular grills. Similarly, there are those that feature lids and feature venting systems for controlling heat. You have the option of buying a brazier charcoal grill that features wires, metal sheets and cooking grid or pellet grill that make use of compressed hardwood.

4.Hybrid Grill

This is probably the best type of grill you can buy and use in your balcony. This is simply because it is an outdoor grill that makes use of natural gas, charcoal or propane as source of fuel. It features removable propane burner that you can easily remove in order to use charcoal or wood.

Regardless of which type of grill you choose to buy, safety remains paramount. It is very important that you choose a grill that is secure so as to avoid any accidents. It therefore becomes necessary that you also consider grill parts that you will no doubt need to replace occasionally. Note that some parts such as gas grill parts cannot only be expensive but also complicated to replace. Generally, grills feature such replaceable parts as burners, cooking grids, rock grates, heat shields, valves and covers among other parts.

It is always a good idea to go for known balcony grill brands whose parts are readily available. However, this does not mean that new brands are inappropriate. Choose a new balcony grill only when you are sure that you will find it easy to access replaceable parts when the time comes to replace the same.

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