What Type of Balcony Chairs You need to Pick?

green paint iron chair and table designs for balcony with colorful carpet

Do you want to buy balcony chairs? If yes then it is time to know about best outdoor chairs. There are literally many different options of chairs available in the market but fact is that every type is not suitable for outdoor environment. Therefore, it is important for you to know what type would work great for your balcony decor and designs.

Wood Folding Chairs

It is among the most popular furniture for balcony. As the name makes it clear, this chair is foldable.You can fold it and store it wherever you want.  Modern designs of this chair include padding for seats and backrest option. These features make modern style very comfortable and simply eye-catching. You are able to change color of padded seats based on your theme. In another words, you can grab these folding chairs and pick the best color scheme for padding. Before you buy this kind of chair, you need to make sure that wood is weather resistant. It is indeed not possible for you to quickly store chairs when it is raining outside.

Wicker and Rattan Chairs

It is indeed the best chair choice for your balcony. The natural woven material of them offer you utmost comfort. Depending on your balcony space, you can find two or four chairs and table set. Table is made of wicker or rattan with glass top. You can intensify beauty of your balcony , if you keep this material chairs there. If you are ready to spend extra money, you should consider getting resin wicker chairs. You can set them in your balcony and you don’t have to worry about weather condition. This material is extremely weather resistant make it perfect choice for outdoor furniture. Best of all, wicker furniture is light-weight. It means that you can change your balcony setting whenever you like. You don’t need to ask for anyone’s help.

Plastic Balcony Chairs and Table

When you don’t have enough money to spend on wicker or wooden chairs, you should go with plastic chairs. This option is quite affordable. It helps you get classic appeal to your balcony. There are many designs and color options to choose from.  This type of chair is weather resistant and quite durable choice for patio and balcony furniture setting. It is easy to clean type of furniture. Whether it is dust storm or raining, you just need to wipe it off.

Wrought Iron Balcony Furniture Sets

It is indeed an expensive option for you. If you really concerned about style and beauty and need something very durable then none other than wrought iron seems like the best choice. It is a kind of chair that requires very low maintenance effort. Rust is common but you can use sand paper technique to keep your chairs neat and clean.

Now you have got ideas of different kinds of balcony chairs that you can buy. No matter what type you pick from the list, it would work great in your outdoor space.

beautiful folding chair wooden for balcony blue padded chair wooden designs for modern balcony look ast iron chair with matching round small folding table for balcony country theme balcony decor and designs with antique pots egg shape chair rattan and plastic chairs in balcony folding pink chair and matching table for balcony green balcony chairs plastic made with hammock green paint iron chair and table designs for balcony with colorful carpet modern balcony chairs and table set modern metal white chair and table set for balcony decor modern rattan black chair and wooden round small table for balcony decor modern wooden chair designs for balcony decoration white ikea balcony chair and table set designs wooden chair and table set with teal balcony chair

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