19 Practical Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Homeowners

plants and trees wall frames bathroom decoration

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can remodel it to bring it to same level of standard of any top bathroom you have ever been in. You only need to be imaginative and practical with your ideas. Below are some of the practical bathroom remodel ideas you may consider.

Storage – Storage is no doubt necessary in any bathroom. You are however not restricted to expensive storage equipment. Consider installing inexpensive shelves in contrasting colours above the toilet for storage. Always choose the best bathroom vanities designs.

Shower – Why not create a walk-in shower with a modern design to create that classic feel in your bathroom? You also need to decide whether you need doors for shower or doorless shower is the best option for you.

Powder Room – Why not create a posh powder room within your bathroom in case you have the space? Consider installing a slender pedestal sink in the room to give it that graceful look.

Lighting – Do you only have one lighting fixture on the ceiling? You can remodel and transform your bathroom by simply adding such other lighting fixtures as vanity fixtures near the mirror to spruce up your bathroom.You also need to pay great attention to bathroom wall light fixtures. You definitely have some existing lighting but you need an update to decorate your bathroom with great aesthetic appeal.

Wallpapers – Make proper use of appropriate wallpapers to make your small bathroom look bigger and appealing. If you don’t want to spend on wallpaper then choose the best paint colors for bathroom walls. It is suggested to pick some vibrant attractive colors for walls.

Art – Art works are not only for the lounge. Transform the look of your bathroom by simply having two or three appropriate art works that are well lit in the vanity area. Beautiful wall frames are common options to use for.

Flooring – Why not work on your bathroom floor to give the room a totally different feel from the rest of your rooms? You can indeed remodel the floor to make easy on your feet by simply making use of rubber tiles that are well designed. If you want to add sleek touch, you should think of setting some rugs on floor. If you have a specific theme for bathroom, choose those rug which match or simply make a combination with overall theme.

Plants/Flowers – Why not give your bathroom that welcoming feel by simply having one or two indoor plants/flowers in nice vases that are strategically located within the room?. Artificial plants can be added to bathroom just to enhance its overall beauty.

Remodeling your bathroom does not need to be an expensive affair. You only need to be imaginative in incorporating these bathroom remodeling ideas and making use of readily available materials to give your bathroom a new and fresh look. If you want to do perfect remodeling then you should think of bathroom floor plans. If you make this plan then overall decor and setting would become very comfortable.

Check 19 best Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Pictures

antique white bathroom remodel with framed mirrors wall painting rose for modern bathroom with bathtub small kids bathroom remodeling ideas

plants and trees wall frames bathroom decoration

Interior Design Bathroom Ideas

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